About Us

ARTOC Universal Properties is at the vanguard of real estate development in the Middle East, with particular emphasis on Egypt as the largest market with nearly 100 million people. The company is pioneering and defining new standards in the realization of large scale, integrated mixed-use complexes.

Our vision is to build and revitalize urban neighborhoods through targeted market-driven real estate development and in the process create sustainable wealth and opportunity throughout our communities. In close co-operation with our world-class partners, we are turning that vision into reality.

ARTOC Universal Properties is focusing on one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the Middle East, with a clear strategy to own, manage and develop commercial business parks, hi-tech offices, shopping malls, sea resorts and luxury hotels to international standards.

Our philosophy is characterized by our powerful alliances, which include Universal Builders Supply Inc., the largest scaffolding and hoisting company in the United States, and John C. Cushman III, the Chairman of the world’s largest private commercial real estate firm.

Harnessing the strong competitive advantage that our alliances with global building, development and investment partners bring to the table is key to ARTOC Universal Properties’ future plans and gives us a significant head start over our competitors in the fast-moving world of real estate development.