Our Developments

As a pioneer in its time, ARTOC established firm partnerships with manufacturers in the USA and Europe to bring to Egypt specialized equipment, the engineering expertise and the needed technical and management resources required for proper real estate development.

In 1974, ARTOC introduced for the first time in Egypt modern methods of concrete building construction. It followed in 1979 by delivering the first compact water treatment plant which led to the supply of more than 60 additional water treatment plants in Egypt. And in 1997 ARTOC built the annex of Hurghada Airport as the first and only aviation BOT in Egypt which was opened in 2000.

Currently ARTOC for Real Estate and Touristic Development is targeting niche projects and developing high tech business properties and investing in new, undeveloped urban areas with high potential.

3S KattameyaProjects underway include the 3S Service Center (Passenger car Sales, Service and Spare parts sales) for ARTOC Auto; showrooms for ARTOC Sports and works for ARTOC Suez for Airports.

These projects consist of civil & finishing works, electro-mechanical works and structural work.

The 3S Service Centre located on the Cairo ring road between Kattameya and Maadi is a good case study of our work on a mid sized project.


Current updates on the 3S projects are:

For the workshop area:

3S KattameyaThe Basement includes 6 055 m2 for parking, mechanical rooms, firefighting , water tanks, lockers, and cafeteria.
The Ground floor includes 3 440 m2 with 9 m high steel structure Including 60 bays for mechanical repairs, body workshop, painting and spare parts warehouse.
The Mezzanine area of 990 m2 will be used as offices.


For the Showroom Section:

3S KattameyaThe Basement (3 070 m2) is used for parking, offices, generator room with 2 entrances.
The Ground floor (1 630 m2 -7 m high) is Composed of 3 areas covered by a steel structure: Exhibition area 1130 m2, Car rental area 250 m2, Fast food court 250 m2.
The Mezzanine is 250 m2 used for training & lecture hall.


The Ongoing Operation on Site includes:

3S Kattameya
» In house Engineering services
» Project Management
» Works Supervision
» Safety, security plan
» Civil Works
» Steel works and wall cladding under manufacturing by Alphametal