About Us

ARTOC for Real Estate and Touristic Development invests and trades in primary niche land and property assets. This division is also responsible for building and developing facilities for all ARTOC Group companies. ARTOC Real Estate owns properties in unique locations in Egypt and abroad.

Egypt is increasingly a magnet for multi-national organizations that want a strategic base in the very heart of the Middle East. The Egyptian Government's commitment to economic growth and reform has paid off. A growing economy and a climate that encourages foreign investment is impacting both commercial and residential sectors.

Today, Egypt represents a unique investment opportunity for international real estate developers and investors. The country's reputation as a safe and solid investment destination and the quality of its developments, that include high-end condominiums, shopping malls, and sea resorts are contributing to this international confidence.

ARTOC Real Estate and Touristic Development collaborates with real estate agents and independent contractors in Egypt, and provides real estate services such as land development, construction and project management for both ARTOC Group companies and a variety of clients with different needs.


ARTOC Real Estate focuses on developing land in:

» Prime medium sized locations for
» Exceptional locations with expected high returns on development.

As we grow we are taking on new partnerships with highly competitive earnings structures, and creating a service that allows us to easily identify and secure the best sites for our clients.