Real Estate

ARTOC's Real Estate Division demonstrates the Group's commitment to becoming a major player in the Egyptian and international property markets. The division's primary focus is on commercial real estate, specifically offices, warehouses and hotels.

  • ARTOC Real Estate

ARTOC Real Estate invests and trades in primary niche land and property assets. This division is also responsible for building and developing facilities for all ARTOC Group companies. ARTOC Real Estate owns properties in unique locations in greater Cairo and several sea-front niche properties.

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  • ARTOC Universal Properties

ARTOC Universal Properties was formed in partnership with Universal Builders Supply Inc., John Cushman (Chairman of the board of Cushman and Wakefield), O'Callaghan Overseas Properties, ARTOC Group for Investment & Development and ARTOC Real Estate. ARTOC Universal Properties' focus is on prime commercial property development, high-tech building and real estate development inside Egypt, that is technologically and environmentally advanced, with a long-term strategic framework for international growth.

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